A selection of limited-edition books for sale produced as part of recent projects. All books include free shipping. At the moment they can only be shipped to addresses in the UK.

Living Memory

Photography, Life Stories and the Black Country

A full-colour and cloth-bound book that features over 60 life stories and personal photographs that celebrate the people and place of the Black Country. The book features a range of accessible essays by writers and photography specialists who share thoughts and perspectives about the changing role of popular photography.

£35.00 (including free P&P - UK only)

£8.00 (download only)

Book Specifications:
512 pages, full-colour, hardback, with a clothbound cover and silver foil lettering.
270mm x 210 mm. 2.5 kg

With written contributions from:
Geoff Broadway, Helen Trompeteler, Paul Herrmann, Nicola Shipley, Brendan Jackson, Gil Pasternak, and Josh Allen.

Praise for Living Memory: Photography, Life Stories and the Black Country. 

This is a most remarkable and stimulating memoir of life in the Black Country over the last 80 years engaging readers through the captivating power of family albums
Professor Carl Chinn MBE

What an achievement this book is! It wonderfully captures the story of Black Country folks, alongside their treasured memories stored in family photographs. It brings out the pride of the area alongside its impact on the history of the nation.
Chris Allen
Director and Presenter

A beautiful five hundred and nine large shiny pages full of everything: love, loss, grief, honesty, and humour that brought tears to my eyes.
Kerry Hadley-Pryce
Editor of The Black Countryman

City of Stories: Birmingham

City of Stories gathers life stories from people living in five ExtraCare Villages in Birmingham: Bournville Gardens, Hagley Road, Longbridge, New Oscott and Pannel Croft. 

Born-and-bred or adoptive Brummies, their stories include lives lived down the road, and halfway around the world. Through this rich collection of personal stories, we can glimpse national events and world history – and make sense of how we are living here, now, in our present-day City of Stories. 

Produced by Geoff Broadway and Mandy Ross, developed in partnership with the Extra Care Charitable Trust.

Book Specifications:
512 pages, full-colour, softback.
250mm x 200 mm. 600gms

£12.00 (including free P&P - UK only)

Keepers of the Light

Portland Bill and Chance Glassworks

'At night, watching the light revolve, it was almost like being in a dream. It was totally spectacular, watching these prisms cast their light some 30 miles out to sea.'

- Toby Chance

The Portland Bill lighthouse is iconic. Operational from 1906, it was equipped with a magnificent First Order catadioptric rotating lens from Chance Brothers of Smethwick, about as far away from the sea as you can get. Based on rare archive materials and people's stories, Keepers of the Light explores this unique island in Dorset and the legendary glassworks in the Black Country, at the time of the construction of the light and then some 50 years later when the lighthouse engineering works was about to close.

Written and edited by Brendan Jackson with additional contributions from Geoff Broadway.

Book Specifications:
128 pages, full-colour, hardback.
235 mm x 175 mm. 600 gms

£12.99 (including free P&P - UK only)

£5 (digital PDF download)

Praise for Keepers of the Light

This sumptuous hardback, richly illustrated, will captivate readers far beyond those chiefly interested in Dorset, Midlands industrial history or lighthouses, ranging past the strictures of place and of people. The depth of research is breath-taking, creating a work of true scholarship, and yet it is still engagingly written with pace and colour. It feels like a lifetime’s work and yet the touch is light, so you can just as easily immerse yourself, or dip in and out. Like a jeweller's work table, every page is littered with gems. This is a book to read again and again.
Henry Chance
Chance Heritage Trust

Our Spake: Dialect and the Black Country

A full-colour hard-back book that celebrates the dialect of the Black Country. Produced as part of the ‘Where’s Our Spake Gone?’ project from 2019-20, the book illustrates 50 unique words particular to the Black Country.  Local people share stories about how important dialect is to their sense of belonging and local identity.  The book also showcases how commissioned artists responded to the theme of the project through poetry, theatre and photography. 

Book Specifications:
146 pages, full-colour, hardback,
215mm x 215 mm. 600gms

Edited by Geoff Broadway and Juanita Williams

With written contributions from
Geoff Broadway, Brian Dakin and Steve Trow

£20.00 (including free P&P - UK only)

£6.00 (download only)

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